The old Chyinmunk sprite.


The new Chyinmunk sprite.

Chyinmunk is a normal-type pokemon from Pokemon Uranium. It's sprite was changed when the creator of Pokemon Uranium improved it greatly. This includes: changing Chyinmunk's sprite. Changing Barewl's sprite. Changing the male character. Getting rid of Tinead. Changing Chyinmunk's cry. Changing Eletux's sprite. Changing the starter test and much, much, more. The old Chyinmunk replaces Squirtle, and the new Chyinmunk replaces Rattata.


Old: Chyinmunk has a dark blue and tan body,blue ears, buck teeth, and a blue and tan tail.

New: Chyinmunk has a light blue and light tan body, two beady eyes, blue, pointed ears, buck teeth, and a bushy, blue and tan tail.