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Welcome! In this Wiki, you will find information regarding Unofficial Pokemon, commonly known as Fakemon by fans. This includes Fakemon created for any fan-made games, ROM hacks, regions, fan fictions, characters, towns, etc.

While this Wiki may seem a bit bare right now, it can grow with the help of you and many others! So please, edit as much as you can: add pages for any Fakemon that are not yet on this WIki, add images to accompany articles, or add information relevant to any Fakemon. Remember, as long as the Pokemon is fan-made, it is welcome to have a page on the Wiki.

Two things to keep in mind when editing:

  1. This Wiki is meant for documentation, so if you upload a Fakemon that was not created by you, be sure to give credit to the original author, and if possible, link to where they originally uploaded their creation, for example, the page for their ROM hack or their DeviantArt gallery.
  2. Avoid uploading images or adding content that would be inappropriate for young audiences.

Finally, any Pokemon Fusion creations should be posted in the Fusemon Wiki.

Fakemon Are EverywhereEdit

Whether they come from a ROM hack, a DeviantArt gallery, a fan fiction, or any other source, here you will find a list categorizing Fakemon by their source. As always, you are welcome and encouraged to add any sources that may be missing from these lists, or even new lists altogether.

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